Fish and Chips Beef Stew Shepherds Pie Sausage and Mash Kiev Nut Roast



All Day Breakfast 400g PM£1.69

All Day Breakfast

Beef Dinner 400g PM£1.69

Beef Dinner

Chicken Dinner 400g PM£1.69

Chicken Dinner

Cottage Steak Pie 400g PM£1.69

Cottage Steak Pie

Lamb Dinner 400g PM£1.69

Lamb Dinner

Liver & Onions 400g PM£1.69

Liver and Onions

Pork Dinner 400g PM£1.69

Pork Dinner

Turkey Dinner 400g PM£1.69

Turkey Dinner

Bangers & Mash 400g PM£1.69

Bangers and Mash

Fish & Chips 400g PM£1.59

Fish & Chips

Sausage & Chips 400g PM£1.59

Sausage and chips

Steak Pie & Chips 400g PM£1.59

Steak Pie and Chips

Steaklet & Chips 360g PM£1.59

Steaklet and Chips
Chip Shop

Beef Curry 460g PM£1.69

Beef Curry

Chicken Curry 460g PM£1.69

Chicken Curry

Curry Sauce & Chips 500g PM£1.69

Curry Sauce and Chips

Sausage Dinner 420g PM£1.69

Sausage Dinner